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Text Box: Coaching for leadership

Executives and managers need to use on-the-job coaching skills to increase effectiveness. Coaching is a powerful platform for problem solving, teaching, developing, and performance improvement. Managers need to know when and how to apply these skills most effectively in the real world. Mastering these skills will allow them to move individuals and teams to higher levels of performance.


Dynamic Leadership

Text Box: To understand what makes a leader, the practices and commitments of effective leadership, how to shape excellence in the organization, examine critical global competencies, analyze and develop a plan to master your personal leadership style .

Teacher training

Text Box: Learn the skills and tools for negotiations to be applied at any level in any industry to end in a win-win situation. This hands on program will guide you , step by step through effective negotiation skills—from creating a formal planning process to prioritizing issues.

Win-Win Negotiating

We offer programs on a variety of  Family and Parenting Skills, Teen Development, Child Care Classes, Teacher Training & Educational Resources.

Family, Child Care & Parenting Skills

We offer programs on Cross Cultural Communication & Awareness, Cross Cultural & Global Business, Cross Cultural Business Etiquette, Multi and Cross Cultural Management, International HR Management, International Trade and more.

International & Cross Cultural

Courses and Seminars

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Teacher training/ continuing education programs cover a wide range from classroom management to emotional support for enhanced learning.

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